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Playground for Curators

About us

The 5th Floor is a new alternative art space in East Tokyo, Japan, specialised in unique and experimental curating, founded in February, 2020.

In Japan, there are not many spaces for independent curators to work creative and more diverse to invite emerging and/or not-yet introduced international artists.

Therefore, we have decided to create a space to be a playground for curators. From next year onwards, we are planning to invite curators and artists from Japan and the globe to plan curatorial projects.


Director representative / Artist

Jukan Tateisi (b. 1986 in Chicago) is a visual/sound artist, a member of a curatorial collective HB. and a director at The 5th Floor.

Jukan is specialised in installation art using virtual reality, 3D audio (-360°) and architectural methods, aimed to observe the human image in the landscape that Artificial Intelligence sees.

M.A. in fine art photography from Royal College of Art, 2020 (distinction in thesis).

Yuu Takagi

Director / Curator

Born in Kyoto in 1994, graduated from the Graduate School of Globar Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2020  (Lalus Prize). Based in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Yuu has been searching for the way of the exhibition as a place of empathy through the practice of places not bound by the white cube.


From 2019, co-director of HB. Nezu and The 5th Floor.

Kumiko Hori


Kumiko Hori is in charge of the strategic implementation of UBS’s community programs at its Asia Pacific franchise in thirteen locations.

Annually, 13 locations in Asia Pacific support around 100 NGOs through strategic grants and the employee pro-bono works, providing 45,000 hours of volunteering.

She holds M.A. in Sociology from University of Reading, and a B.A. (Hons) from University of York in the U.K.



Curatorial partner


Operation Partner

Company Information

Company name

General Incorporated Association The 5th Floor

Date of establishment

26 November, 2020

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