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Taichi Moriyama|森山泰地

There may be

5 (Mon) ~11 (Sun) September  

Koichi Mitsuoka|光岡幸一


15 (Thu)〜21 (wed) September

Osamu Matsuda|松田修


25 (Sun) September ~ 1 (Sat) October

Curated by 

Tomoya Iwata, Yuu Takagi


Taichi Moriyama, Koichi Mitsuoka, Osamu Matsuda


The 5th Floor is pleased to present "ANNUAL BRAKE 2022." “ANNUAL BRAKE” is an annual project in which young artists are invited to compose an exhibition only with their past works.


In the contemporary art scene in Japan, young and mid-career artists are forced to present new works at tremendous pace in a number of exhibitions happening all over the country. This hyper-accelerated art circuit never allows them to take a pause.


In "ANNUAL BRAKE," there will be no presentation of new works. This project focuses on the artists themselves stopping once and looking back at their own footsteps by structuring an exhibition with existing works.


Taichi Moriyama, Koichi Mitsuoka, and Osamu Matsuda will participate in the second edition of "ANNUAL BRAKE 2022." Each artist will hold a retrospective exhibition for seven days during September. We hope you will come witness three artists stopping to think about their future career.


Artists Profiles

Taichi Moriyama

Born in Tokyo in 1988. Completed an MA in Intermedia Art, Tokyo University of the Arts.

He mainly creates earthwork-like works in natural environments and installations using natural objects.

“In May 2013, I was making gravel by breaking river stones into pieces with a hammer. Then pyrite crystals came out of the stone. At that moment, I felt as if I had traveled back in ancient time and obtained a cube. I would like to create a work like a device that brings about a momentary expansion of perception that occurs when encountering such natural phenomena and their traces.”

In recent years, he has been creating sculptures and installation as well as two-dimensional works. He uses plastics he finds on the beach and concrete blocks in the city in addition to natural objects such as stones and trees as a material.He also makes “Water God,” a performance in which he sets up a stage on oceans or rivers and acts as a water god, and the “trace” series, in which he continues his father's work of coloring the traces of damage on wood made by a longhorn beetle. He is also a member of the artist unit “鯰 [Namazu].” Major exhibitions include “You Can See the Forest for the Trees” (KANA KAWANISHI GALLERY, Tokyo, 2021), “You Can See the Forest for the Trees” (DEN5, Tokyo, 2017), and “Sonkei Chisui” (BLOCK HOUSE, Tokyo, 2016).

Koichi Mitsuoka

My grandfather gave me the name which has all the symmetrical Kanji characters, and my mother came up with the sound. (It could have been “Yukikazu.”) I wanted to make a music video for Hikaru Utada, and with that sole intention in mind, I entered an art college and was accepted into the only architecture department I could find. I want to create something, just like Akiko Yano sings or Ranjatai performs comic dialogue. What kind of person was the first to make Jomon earthenware? I was solely motivated to make a music video for Hikaru Utada to get into art college, and was accepted into the architecture department which I only passed. Then I'm now calling myself an artist. I want to create something, just like Akiko Yano sings or Ranjatai performs comic dialogue. I wonder what kind of person was the first to make Jomon earthenware.


Osamu Matsuda

Born in 1979 in Amagasaki City, Hyogo. Completed an MA in Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009. He explores the universal topics of life and death with the motif of social problems, phenomena, and customs, traversing multiple mediums. Major solo exhibitions include “Wrong Turn” (MUJIN-TO Productions, 2020). Major group exhibitions include "Where is a place for us?" (The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Chenretsukan, 2021).




5~11 September  / Taichi Moriyama

15〜21 September / Koichi Mitsuoka

25 September ~ 1 October / Osamu Matsuda

Opening Hours


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opens everyday


The 5th Floor: Hanazono Alley 5F 3-3-9 IkenohataTaito-ku Tokyo


4 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Nezu Station (Chiyoda line) 



​※The third visits will be free of charge. No reservation required.


The 5th Floor

Patronage for The 5th Floor




MUJIN-TO Production

Curated by

Tomoya Iwata, Yuu Takagi


Taichi Moriyama, Koichi Mitsuoka, Osamu Matsuda


Mariko Okazaki (REFLECTA, Inc.)


The 5th

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